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Angus MacLeod's Spell

Inaugural Lecture 'Museum of Witchcraft' Series. Angus MacLeod (1920-96) is a largely forgotten figure in the history of Wicca. Yet, he was friend and confidant to Gerald Gardner, and himself a witch. He was also one-time manager of the museum on the Isle of Man, and was the designer and maker of many ritual artefacts. Tonight's talk looks at MacLeod's magical practice from the 1950s through until his death, and considers examples of his artistic and literary output. Dr John Callow is an historian whose works on the history of witchcraft include work on the early modern period and on the modern Wicca revival of the twentieth century. His extensive recent original research is generously shared here ahead of publication.

Inaugural Lecture 'Museum of Witchcraft' 2020 Series

The Museum of Witchraft and Magic will be lending object crafted by MacLeod for this lecture, from their collection. The one-night exhibition will be in conjuction with the talk, and will be open exclusively to those attending. The Museum of Witchcraft Series consists of six lectures which will take place through the coming year. For each, they will lend a handful of objects which tie into the lecture topic. 

You can book tickets here:

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